Fire Alarm Systems & Security Systems

Fire alarm systems

With a fully staffed, on-site workforce, we have the capabilities to offer service to all corners of the state. Omlid & Swinney provide professional fire alarm and security system services to all of the area hospitals and the majority of all care facilities, which means that we are the number one choice of Life Safety services for the people whose job it is to take care of others.

We don’t take that lightly. We understand that in order for you to serve and protect, the Low Voltage Electrical systems that you rely on to protect you MUST be flawless. With the help of our NICET certified and trained professionals, Omlid & Swinney can guarantee communication, alarm and security services to assist service professionals and ensure the smooth operation, inspection and maintenance of essential day-to-day operations.

What sets us apart is our local monitoring center. Our dispatchers are on-hand and available 24/7, waiting to serve you when you need them the most. Our expertly trained staff will contact the proper resources – police, fire department and business – to ensure the speediest response to your emergencies.

We offer a wide variety of tools and systems to ensure the safety of those who rely on YOU, including:

  • Access Control
  • CCTV
  • Door Control
  • Fire Alarm
  • Fire & Security Monitoring
  • Nurse Call
  • Security Alarm

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